Second Son Kindle is on Sale

The Kindle edition of Second Son has limited-time special pricing of $1.99! If you're in the greater Phoenix area, I also have autographed trade paperbacks available for $15.00, including a gift bag to set under the tree. Contact me at: for the paperbacks. I continue to be grateful for the reviews Second Son has... Continue Reading →

Traveling in the Time of COVID

At the tender ages of 70 and 68, my husband, Buster, and I bought a used RV travel trailer. We’d spent a year in quarantine due to the COVID. No movies, no dinners with friends, limited contact with our church family. No time at the gym. We longed to get out of the house for... Continue Reading →

Southern Woman, Chapter 1

Small town sins and secrets can be deadly. Southern Woman continues the story of Towanna and Kathy Whitaker, begun in Second Son, into the next chapter of their lives. Towanna is struggling through his last semester of medical school at Tulane University in New Orleans. Kathy owns and manages a small variety store in their... Continue Reading →

I Signed a Publishing Agreement

Friday, April 24 2020: After working on my uncle's book, Second Son, for five years and searching for an agent for months, I've signed a publishing agreement with Touchpoint Press. That was on April 16th, and I'm still in shock. They've sent me a ton of forms to fill out, and there's more to come.... Continue Reading →

The Tale of the Dog

“Mom, I’m thinking of getting a dog.” I studied my youngest child with a bit of trepidation. We’d been carpooling for several months, and it was his turn to drive. Both of us worked at the Palo Verde Generating Station, about 60 miles west of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Robert was 28, single, and known to... Continue Reading →

Author’s Crazy Easy Website

There was no avoiding it. I had to start building my author's platform, and part of that involved building an author's website. While I was dithering over how to get started I learned that two of my colleagues, Lisa Miller and Melissa Borg, were taking this crazy easy website class on how to build the... Continue Reading →

Roman Holiday

by Kathleen Parrish This article was first published in the Pilcrow and Dagger Literary Journal premier edition in January 2015 I scrolled through the checklist on my cell phone one more time before heading to the security checkpoint at John F. Kennedy International Airport, en route to my first nuclear conference in Rome, Italy.... Continue Reading →

Second Son, A Novel of the Deep South

Chapter 1, A Penny a Pound September 1938 BLACK THUNDERHEADS spewed white lightning and a rumbling tirade across the field where Angus Whitaker kept watch over his cotton field, his hired pickers, and the weather. The cotton was a bumper crop this year, and his pickers were eager to make some money, but his fields... Continue Reading →

From Engineer to Writer

At age 11, my family was stationed in Fort Knox, Kentucky (yes, I'm an army brat) and the new Apollo Space Program dominated the news. I'd also just finished reading most of the young adult sci-fi novels by Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke located in the elementary school library. So naturally, I... Continue Reading →

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