I Signed a Publishing Agreement

Friday, April 24 2020: After working on my uncle’s book, Second Son, for five years and searching for an agent for months, I’ve signed a publishing agreement with Touchpoint Press. That was on April 16th, and I’m still in shock. They’ve sent me a ton of forms to fill out, and there’s more to come. They’ve also asked about the sequel, Southern Woman. Suddenly, I’m back at work with real deadlines looming on the horizon. Yikes!

I’m also late on my latest homework assignments in Lisa Miller’s Story Structure Safari class, and I’d best get cracking again. This class project is developing the outline and content for a memoir, Telecommuting at Palo Verde, based on the true life adventures of my old department when we ventured into the world of working from home long before the coronavirus came into our lives. It’s time, I think.

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  1. Great news and congratulations Kathleen. Glad you will be published. Can hardly wait to read your story about the power plant and tsunami you told me about. Been wsiting for that one ffg or years


  2. KC, I read the first chapter of “Southern Woman” and I loved it. I can tell there’s trouble in her future, which is true of any good book. Do you have a publishing date estimate?


    1. Hi Paul, I have five more chapters to write on Southern Woman, but it’s 85% of the way there. Then I have to edit. Second Son, the first book in the series, was released in July and is available on Amazon in ebook and trade paperback, and on Barnes and Nobel in ebook.


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